Is this the most romantic hotel in the world?

I think this is one of the most googled questions when it comes to find a place for an unforgettable break with our loved one. And, interestingly, google will come back with a lot of options, some of which are actually really interesting. But today we wanted to provide with our answer. And if you have liked The Hiptraveller so far and the way we think about travelling, you sure will not be disappointed this time.

We go back to Greece. Yes, again, because in the Greek islands there is plenty of amazing places and it is no surprise our preferred “most romantic” hotel is in one of the best islands out there: Santorini.

A lot of couples from around the world will gather between 6:30pm and 7:30pm on the western side of Oia, the nicest village on the island, to have one of the best view of the famous Santorini sunset. Alternatively, you can decide you want to have a similar view from your private terrace in one of the stunning suites at the Katikies Hotel.

The hotel is very well positioned at the beginning of the pedestrian area of Oia. As soon as you enter the main street you will find on the left what we call the “white stairs to heaven”… those are the stairs that will lead you to the hotel reception where some very kind receptionist will welcome you to the best hotel in the Cyclades. They will escort you to your suite and they will show you how to navigate through the stairs and different floors of the hotel. The reception is on the highest floor and then the rest of the hotel will spread out going down towards the “caldera” the old crater of this old volcanic island.


We got a Katikies suite. The suite develops on two levels, with the living room, bathroom and walk-in closet on the ground floor and a nice bedroom on the first floor. Outside you have your private terrace with a comfortable open air Jacuzzi to relax with your partner in crime in your own privacy. At every time of the day this place is just so beautiful, but we suggest you enjoy your Jacuzzi at the sunset, when you see the sun disappearing behind the white village of Oia, to die then at the horizon in the sea. One thing to say is that all rooms are nice here – even the basic ones will have a nice private terrace with the same great view as well as other amenities like iPod and docking station to enjoy your favourite songs, a Nespresso coffee machine and a lot of other stuff.

The service at this hotel is really top notch. Everybody is very kind and will be ready to help you, to satisfy any request you might have at day or night. The hotel got three infinity swimming pools, at three different levels, with the main one just next Seltz, the champagne bar and restaurant, which serves contemporary international food at any time of the day. While you are sunbathing on your sunbed, you can ask for some refreshing juice or a nice sashimi or just a multi-colored plate of fresh fruit… And then you will dive into the infinity pool where at the same time you will have a relaxing swim as well as having one of the best views of the caldera.

The second restaurant is Mikrasia, a greek Anatolian restaurant, where the Greek traditional cuisine gets influenced by the Turkish and Middle-eastern cuisine to create some explosive dishes that will satisfy your culinary taste – we suggest you dine here at least once during your holidays.

Last but not least thing to mention – breakfast here is amazing. You will have it next to the main pool, with your table just overlooking the caldera in the morning, with a huge selection of Greek as well as international dishes to start your day with a nice boost. It is a mix of buffet and a la carte menu, to make your options for breakfast just endless.

At night, spend some time on your private terrace or next to the swimming pool looking at the stars – I do not why, but in a summer night that stars here seems want to tell you something “you got to the right place, man – relax, close your eyes, and enjoy what will be some of the best moments of your life!

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