10 reasons why we think Mykonos is the best destination for your summer holidays in the Mediterranean

After so many trips to Mykonos, this year we decided to get there just for few days. And once more, we were amazed by this island and what it can offer during the summer.

We never get bored in Mykonos, we would get there again, again and again and it would be, every single time, an amazing trip. The other night, while we were on our terrace with a breathtaking view on the Greek sunset, we were asking ourselves what makes this place so special. We obviously came up with a long list of different reasons, but we decided to post the top ten and share these with you.

So… what are the top 10 reasons why we think Mykonos is the best destination for your summer holidays in the Mediterranean?

As a general comment, what we really like about the island is the fact that offers so many options at any levels in terms of beaches, restaurants, bars, clubs, beach clubs, hotels, houses and villas, activities, that you will never end up looking for something you cannot find. And, if some of those options might be very expensive, some others are actually much more affordable. Anyway, we think everybody can have its own tailor-made vacation in Mykonos. We would like to highlight a few things that make the island stand out in the Mediterranean scene…

  1. A romantic late lunch (or early dinner) at Fokos tavern going back home from the beach – This is a hidden gem in the island. It is on Fokos beach, so not very easy to reach – you will take a turn from the main road that goes to Ano Mera and drive for a while until you get to the unspoilt beach of Fokos. There you will find a secluded beach with only a small nice tavern serving amazing mediterranean food. You can’t reserve a table and the tavern is open until 7pm-ish so go there for a late lunch or very early dinner…
  2. Relaxing at Kalo Livadi – Mykonos never falls short of great options when it comes to choose the beach to spend your day, but our favorite one remains Kalo Livadi. A long, wide and golden sandy beach, with an unforgettable blue and transparent sea. There is also a couple of nice beach clubs there: Nemo (the name changes almost every year, last year was Rakkan) on the right side of the beach, is a bit more relaxing, while Solymar, on the left side, gets a lot loud and exciting in the afternoon if you want to have some fun and dance. Another thing to note – Solymar serves amazing food as well!
  3. A pork chop at Kiki’s –  I have eaten pork chops everywhere in the world, but the one at Kiki’s is by far the best! This is a very small tavern at Agios Sostis, just 5min drive from Panormos. It serves wonderful grilled meat or fish and great salads. It runs with no electrivity so it is open ony until the sunlight allows… Also note, especially during July and August, you have to queue about 1-1.5 hours to get a table (you cannot reserve here), but trust us, this is worth it!
  4.  Getting lost in the small streets and alleys of Chora – At night go, when you get to the main village of the island, the Chora, it is amazing to get lost in the very small streets and alleys  between the white buildings. You will find small shops from local designers, nice bars, great tavernas, luxury restaurants, clubs to dance at night, great stores from international brands, etc. All of this surrounded by white, white and still white buildings… At some point do not forget to get to Little Venice to get a beer next to the sea or to watch an unbelievable sunset before dinner!
  5. Nammos and Scorpios , the best beach clubs in the world – It is hard to choose the best beach club of the island so we decided to keep a very short list of two: Nammos and Scorpios. Nammos is a MUST in the island and has been for ever the most exclusive club to “see and be seen”. It is on Psarou beach, which is a great especially during very windy days, since it sits in a very protected spot of the island. Nammos restaurant is to die for (please try the pasta with sea urchin here, which is the best we have ever had in our life, and mussels with tomato and feta cheese among all the mouthwatering dishes) and the atmosphere will get hotter and hotter during the day, to reach the peak after 5-6pm when people will start dancing on the tables and you will get so much fun! Scorpios is a relatively new additon on the island (has been there for the last three years) – it is a wonderful combination of Greek, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, to create a very stylish place to relax, spend a day on the beach, eat and dance… Do not miss a nice drink at the sunset in the amphitheater. Music at night changes every day of the week, from lounge relaxing music to dance music – just pick the right day of the week depending on what you prefer
  6. Having breakfast at The Liberty Breakfast Room – this place opened last year and I think this is exactly the place Mykonos was missing until then. Here they serve the most delicious breakfasts of the island. Whether it is eggs, sandwiches, bacon, croissants, scones, pancakes, etc you are looking for, this is the place for you. The view is also amazing, so you can spend the best start of your day here before heading to the beach
  7. Sunset from the west coast – this is exactly the reason why we always stay on the west side of the island, when we choose our hotel or villa to stay in Mykonos. I think there is nothing else in the world which can fulfill your heart and soul like sitting on your terrace and watching one of the best sunsets in the world!
  8. Great nights out with the best DJs from around the world – Mykonos has always been known for its great nights with great music from great DJs. The scene has not changed in the last few years and you will still find the best DJs coming here every summer. Are you a fan of Ingrosso, Bob Sinclair, Axwell, Steve Aoki or other top DJs? Well, they will be in Mykonos at some point during the summer… IN terms of club, Cavo Paradiso remains a top choice if you like to go hardcore and dance until the sunrise (which by the way is just stunning from here…). Paradise club remains also another good choice. Recently they also opened a nice club in the Chora, called Moni – very posh, less hardcore, still a great choice for you crazy night in Mykonos!
  9. Bill&Coo suite at Bill&Coo Suites & Lounge – we tried a few nice hotels here and I have to say it is very hard to choose the best, since there are so many =wonderful hotels on the island. If we have to pick one though, Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge is our top pick! A relatively small hotel, with a very elegant modern cycladic style. Rooms are amazing (we chose the Bill & Coo suite with private pool – WOW!), the restaurant is wonderful with a very promising young chef and the service is top notch. It is also very well positioned between the Chora and Ornos. Recently they opened a sister hotel on the beach, Bill & Coo Coast in Agios Ioannis – We have not tried it yet, but we heard amazing things about it.
  10. New additions every year – that is why you will never get bored in Mykonos. We tend to spend at least one week a year on the island and every year there are some new things which makes the island even more exciting. Just to mention a couple of great additions this year – SantAnna, a brand new beach club on Paraga beach, Wolves of Kitchen in Ornos for the meat-lovers and BeefBar at Bill&Coo Coast.

To be fair, it has been very hard to choose only top ten reasons to go to Mykonos, we have at least another 100 that we would like to share with you. If you want to get some more tips on the island please contact us!

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